Clean Environment Lab.

Why it must be clean?

Airborne particles and dust on the surface of materials will make many defects on the products, and it causes deterioration of business earnings.


For example, these kinds of defects are called “paint seed” or simply called “dust defect” in the paint process. And also these are sometimes called as “pin-hole defect” in the other process.

And recently importance of appropriate clean environment became higher and higher as upgrading quality requirement. 


However, these dust or particle is so small to see with naked eyes, thus it is hard to make it clean.

And ineffective countermeasures often kept doing with high cost. In extreme cases, some countermeasures even have an adverse effect.


MIERUKA method is concept of unification of visualization and quantification, and it is navigator for effective improvement.

How can we do it?

I have many knowledge and tools of MIERUKA method that was born during work on many factories all around the world.


And I believe these unique methods are helpful for your factory to get clean environment efficiently.

Let us start now!

Like the other issue, dust problems tend to become worse if you hesitate to change a situation.


Defects in the process make money loss of material cost, energy cost, labor cost, or the other cost directly. And even make loss of evaluation of your factory, morale of company.


Let us start now from here, with CEL consulting services. 

CEL (Clean Environment Lab.)

Satoshi Yuzawa

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